03 2 / 2012

How to cure the Commuter Blues

It’s incredible how far a small dose of good, accurate information can do for a person suffering from the woes of just getting to work.  

"Commuting" can be a scary thing, causing various negative side effects including drowsiness, fury, ire, exhaustion, dishelvedness, and even ear-steaming redness in the face. 

These symptoms are exactly what we here at Roadify are working to cure. 

A Complete Source of Info.

Over the years, we’ve found that a regimen of timely schedules, accurate departure times, and real-time service alerts leads to happier and healthier commuters (it’s even backed up by scientific studies like this one!).

Our simple formula:

Official Schedules + Real Time ETAs + Live User Updates and Tweets


Be proactive.

Along with this healthy diet of info, Roadify encourages you to exercise your right to have control over your commute and help those around you. If something’s wrong about your commute, Roadify helps you let the world know. If something’s right, we can do the same.    

Our hope is that with our handy app, you’ll start to see the brighter side to the daily shuffle around town. So take some pics, offer your seat to a pregnant woman and smile, because you’ve found the remedy to the Commuter Blues.

And like smiles, we’re hoping that Roadify will become contagious too. So tell a friend!